...Use Items from Parish Inventory?

When planning an event for the Church or School, STOP BEFORE YOU BUY!!

The parish stores many items that can be re-used.  Follow Pope Francis' mandate and be kind to the environment.  And, every dollar spent on supplies is one less dollar for your fundraising (or other) efforts.

If you are interested in borrowing / using these items for an event on the Parish Campus, please contact the Parish Office (office@stjosaphatparish.org) 773 327 8955.

-Black Tablecloths (30+):  rectangular, round, square, highboys

-Royal Blue Tablecloths (8):  rectangular, round, square

-Red Tablecloths (2)

-Punchbowls & ladles

-Ice Buckets

-Serving pieces

-Baskets of all shapes and sizes

-Roasters / Crockpots

-Chafing dishes

-Raffle tickets


-Cash boxes / cash aprons

-200+ Plastic Standing document holders

-Plastic silverware, plates, napkins, beer cups, champagne glasses

-Ketchup and Mustard packets

-Themed Decorations:  Italian, Mexican

-Candleholders, hurricane candles, battery-operated tea lights, white Christmas tree lights

-Fabric (typically used for auction table draping)

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