* $1,000 for parishioners, children of parishioners and alumni of St. Josaphat School. If a parishioner is experiencing financial difficulty, a wedding ceremony can be arranged for little or no cost. In order to qualify for the parishioner rate, one of the parties must be a registered parishioner for at least 4 months prior to requesting a wedding date.

* $1,500 Non–parishioners.

* The church will provide altar servers for your wedding.  We encourage you to make a small offering to the servers (between $10.00 and $20.00 for each server).

* Music fees are separate - please see the next section "Wedding Music" for details.

Our fee does not include the cost for music, flowers, worship aids, etc. - this is simply the fee for having your wedding celebrated in our Church.  These fees support the mission of the parish and contribute the preservation of our buildings.  Please speak with the parish before making arrangements for your wedding.  Wedding registration can be done online or at the parish office.

Please note and advise your guests that we do not allow rice to be thrown as it can be harmful to birds and can pose a risk to others walking in the area - our local birds appreciate your cooperation.



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