Josaphat Quarterly Social (JQS)

Josaphat Quarterly Social

St. Josaphat Parish is a welcoming and fun community.  We are also a parish with a strong culture of giving.  We have combined these two interests into a regularly scheduled event so our parishioners can always have something to look forward to.  Each quarter we will find a venue to host a social gathering.  We will collect a small donation that will go to the charity theme of the evening.  The charity will change each quarter.  We will use this gathering to socialize with our great parishioners, welcome new parishioners to the community and introduce the happenings of all of our fantastic parish clubs.

This gathering serves every member of St. Josaphat parish that wants to get to know other parishioners in a casual atmosphere.  To find us, look for the St. Josaphat announcement board that will display upcoming parish events and a description of our cause for the quarter.  This is a cash bar event.  Anyone wanting to make a donation to the cause of the quarter can deposit cash or check into the St. Josaphat announcement board box.

Please stay tuned for the next event!  

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