Here are some Lenten activites you might consider practicing: 

Participating in Sunday & Daily Mass

On Ash Wednesday, there will be masses at 8:15 am and 6:30 pm with a prayer service at 4:00 pm.  Ashes will be distributed at each mass and service.

10 minute Daily Prayer Time: The Bible or the Little Black Book (adults) &  Little Purple Book (children)

Daily Reflection on Scripture from a fellow parishioner (emailed)

Fasting on Ash Wednesday (eating one main meal and enough to maintain strength at two other meals, with no additional food in between)

Abstinence from meat on Ash Wednesday and Fridays in Lent

What else might I give up for these 40 days that could better direct my thoughts and actions toward God?

Contribute to the almoners’ weekly collection to provide $5 gift cards to McDonald’s for the homeless in Chicago and participate in the distribution of those cards.

Put aside one hour’s wage per week donated in the Sunday offertory collection + something extra daily for a charity.  Please consider Homeless Outreach or Friends of the Orphans (NPH USA).

Please Help Distribute Cards after Mass for the Almoner's Program!

Every year, St. Josaphat Parish sponsors an Almoners program. With donations from Parishioners, and monies allocated from the parish budget, we purchase $5 McDonald's Gift Cards and provide them to our parishioners to hand out to the needy they meet in their daily travels.

We are looking for volunteers to hand out the cards after Mass. The job is easy! Just pick up the cards in the sacristy before Mass, and stand at the back or side door of the church and hand them out to those who want to distribute them to the homeless. If there are any left over, just bring them back to the sacristy. People can take as many cards as they think they will be able to hand out.

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