Men's Volleyball & Basketball

Mission: The purpose of parish sports groups is to help build a sense of community and friendship among St Josaphat parishioners through sport. All parishioners are welcome and are encouraged to participate.

1. The majority of parish sports group participants should be parishioners of St Josaphat.
2. If a parishioner shows up to play or inquires about playing, they should be welcomed and should receive a timely response to questions.
3. Each participant in a parish sports group should give a $5 donation each time the attend open gym. The donations should be put in an envelope marked with the name and date of parish sports group. The weekly donation envelop should be slipped through the mail slot on the Rectory front door at the end of each night.
4. The participants must all have personal liability insurance and agree that St Josaphat is not liable for injury while playing in the gym.

Mondays Men's volleyball from 8:30-10pm. Contact Michael Sreenan: (312) 685-7427
Wednesdays Men's basketball from 8:30-10pm. Contact Tom Fitzgerald: (630) 880-7257
Thursdays Men's basketball from 8:30-10pm. Contact Ray Clark: (630) 338-2719

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