Setting The Date


Couples are expected to contact a member of the parish staff at least six months in advance of the date on which they hope to celebrate their wedding.


Only members of the priest staff may enter the date for the celebration of a wedding. Dates will be finalized only after a member of the priest staff has met with the engaged couple, taking care of necessary paper work and arranging for their participation in a marriage preparation program.  It is the responsibility of the engaged couple to secure the date with the church before making commitments with caterers, reception halls, etc. (It is not possible to guarantee a date for a wedding if either party is pursuing an annulment.  The final notification of the annulment must be granted before a date can be finalized.) A non-refundable deposit will be required to “hold” a date for a wedding.



Weddings are scheduled with respect to the couple's wishes and the availability of the church building and parish ministers.  Generally, we schedule no more than 2 weddings per weekend.  Weddings are usually scheduled on: Saturdays at 1:00 PM or 3:00 PM


For exceptional reasons weddings may be scheduled on Friday afternoon/evening ONLY AFTER 3:30 PM, or on Sunday afternoon.  In the case of Sunday weddings, because of the schedule of Sunday masses, weddings will be celebrated at a ceremony only -- no additional masses are scheduled on Sundays. Wedding times are arranged to allow for other events in church, such as Baptisms, the Rite of Reconciliation, funerals and weekend Masses.  As a result, weddings must begin at the scheduled time.  The parking lot needs to be cleared between services to allow for adequate parking for the next service.  On Saturday, the parking lot needs to be cleared by 4:30 PM.


There are a few days in the liturgical year when a wedding cannot be celebrated.


There are also times in the Church year when the liturgical calendar is less conducive to the celebration of weddings.  For example, the season of Lent is a time of penance in the life of the church community; that spirit touches and colors all parish liturgies between Ash Wednesday and Easter.  The staff member will discuss this with you if the proposed date for your ceremony is affected.


Certain civil holidays should also be considered when selecting your preferred date.  We encourage you to remember that legal holiday weekends throughout the year often provide families and individuals with their only time to enjoy a break from their work schedule without fulfilling other social obligations.  Thus, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Thanksgiving weekends should be avoided.



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