Unity Award

The Unity Award is given to an individual or organization within the Chicagoland area, which is either a Catholic or Catholicrelated undertaking, and serves part of the underserved members of the community. The award is a cash prize of $10,000.

The 2016 Unity Award winner is the Catholic Office for the Deaf.

Past Award Winners include

2015:  Harmony, Hope and Healing

2014:  Hope Program of St. Pius V Parish

2013:  Lincoln Park Community Shelter

2012:  Lakeview Pantry

2011:  San Jose Obrero Mission

2010:  The St. Vincent DePaul Center

2009:  Mrs. Patricia Smuck for Her Ecumenical Work

2008:  Maria Elena Jonas, Immigration Aid Center

2007:  Matthew Lynch and the Chicago Jesuit Academy

2006:  Little Sisters of the Poor

2005:  Deacon Tom and Rita Lambert

2004:  Fr. Bruce Wellem

2003:  The Courage Program and Maureen Shields

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