Your Wedding Music Fact Sheet

An integral part of your wedding liturgy is the music.  Saint Josaphat’s Music Director is looking forward to helping you through this important aspect of the planning.  A Wedding Music Workshop is offered at the beginning of the calendar the year, providing you an opportunity to hear the various musicians and cantors/soloists available for your wedding celebration.  Besides this workshop, the Music Director will meet with you at a mutually convenient time (usually evenings during the week). At this time, the Music Director will outline the Order of Service for the wedding showing you the many places where music would be appropriate. After hearing the choices, it is easy to find things that you both like and that work well in the liturgy.

Please know that Saint Josaphat’s Music Department is an excellent resource for soloists (male and/or female) and instrumentalists.  Soloists offered by the Music Department are young professionals that regularly do solo work in and around the Chicagoland area as well as singing in professional ensembles.  All instruments are available through the Music Department and come highly recommended: trumpet(s), flute, oboe, strings, solo violin, cello, French horn, harp as well as combinations in trios and quartets.  We even can recommend some fine bagpipe players!  You may even want to engage our Children’s Chorus or Adult Choir.

The musicians that regularly play here are highly qualified and offer a fair price.

Booking and arrangements should be made through the Music Department.  Pianists, harpists, trios, etc., for your cocktail hour or reception can also be booked.

In following the liturgical guidelines of the Archdiocese of Chicago,  Saint Josaphat does have some restrictions as to what you may choose to have played during the church service.  These can be discussed during your planning meeting.

Finally, if you have a family member that would like to participate musically in the wedding, please call and make arrangements as soon as possible.  Oftentimes, extra rehearsals need to be scheduled to rehearse and learn the music.  An additional fee for these rehearsals will be charged.


Standard Wedding Music Fees:


Director/Pianist/Organist: $250

Cantor: $100 - $175

Each additional intrumentalist - $200 (notable exceptions: harp, timpani, bagpipes are more expensive)

Our Music Director, Joe Labozetta can be reached by phone at the Parish Office (773) 327-8955, or emailed at


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