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The Youth Group of St. Josaphat is focused on strengthening faith and love of God, service to His church and fellowship with each other through various activities such as bible studies/catechetical sessions, service activities and social events like camping, skiing and Whirleyball.  We are commited to providing a safe, social and welcoming community.  Students are invited to learn, laugh and grow as they prepare to enter into a deeper, more mature phase of their spiritual lives.  If you are in 7th through 12th grade we invite you to join us weekly on Sunday nights from 6pm to 8pm for activities that help young people grow socially, emotionally, morally and spiritually.




The Youth Group of St. Josaphat is cultivating a Christian community dedicated to...

  • Developing a deeper understanding of our faith
  • Supporting each other to live our faith in every aspect of our lives
  • Encouraging each other to grow in our faith and become the people God calls us to be


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